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Monday, June 20, 2005

Go To Jail For Viewing Stolen Camera

WELLINGTON - In a stated effort to "normalise" the criminal code, Prime Minister Helen Clark has today announced plans to make the viewing of stolen goods a jailable offense.

Speaking from Wellington, Clark said that the criminalisation of the viewing of child pornography had forced the change.

"The viewing of child pornography was made into a criminal offense because of its potential encouragement of the production of more of the same.

"However, it is fundamentally unfair that the viewing and appreciation of the proceeds of crime can be criminalised in the case of child pornography, but not in other cases."

No proposed bill has yet been placed before Parliament, but the BFST understands that the viewing of stolen goods would become a criminal offense under the new law. It is believed that showing an appreciation of the goods in question would increase the likelihood of a stronger sentence. Evidence from this comes from a possible interpretation of a comment made by Clark, where she said that "Someone who views, for example, a stolen video camera, and displays appreciation and enjoyment of the viewing, is not the same as somebody who just chances upon the item."

ACT MP Rodney Hide disagreed with the proposed law, saying that "Victimless crimes should not be punishable by jail time in non-Communist countries such as New Zealand."


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