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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Famous Positive Thinker Dies

SAN FRANCISCO - World reknown positive thinker Dr. Matthew Gibbes died earlier today, believed to have thought himself out of existence.

Dr. Gibbes was found dead in his San Francisco waterfront home after spending weeks in what friends in the positive thinking community refer to as 'a euphoric binge'.

According to notes left by Dr. Gibbes, his final weeks were spent meditating on the question of whether or not death could actually be as bad as it is commonly believed to be. A prolific writers, some of Gibbes' comments among his last weeks of scrawlings included "Death can't be as bad as all that" and "Death may very well even be better than life itself."

According to the coroner, Dr. Gibbes cannot have been poisoned or murdered - it seems as if he just simply died.